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Internal doors

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Internal wooden doors

We produce modern, durable and stylish external and internal doors of any model from wide range of wood.

Internal doors are made from solid wood (pine, beech, oak, maple, ash, larch or sapelli etc), in standard with adjustable door frame (allowing to compensate for irregularities of walls) with simple or ornamental trims, with enveloping seals and room lock and/or bathroom lock. Depending on the chosen model they can be panel or glass doors. We offer wide range of glass, including ornamental glass. The doors are sprayed by azures or paints made Sikkens company.

We also produce garage and farm buildings doors together with interior equipment (sliding doors, dividing walls etc).

Just as in case of windows – we undertake the refurbishment of doors by making them in new technology by with preservation of the historical look (sculpted ornaments, stained-glass etc).

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