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Wooden windows

comfort and elegance
Wooden windows

Natural beauty, lasting quality

We produce wooden windows in single frame technology (ISO) with practically unlimited shape, size and style. The material for them is window cant of own production according to the European Standard 72×86 mm. We mainly use the most popular types of wood i.e. pine and meranti. Appropriate hardware of ROTO brand ensure great functionality (open-lift function and micro ventilation) and comfort of use. The glass coming from the leading European producer in the branch – SAINT-GOBAIN Enterprise are characterized by high thermal insulation coefficient (kWert 1.0 – 4/16/4 mm ). According to customer’s wish it is possible to produce windows with safe glass, anti burglar (P3-P4), noise blocking and with limited sun radiation admittance.

A supplement of the whole thing are azurites or camouflage paints “RAL” for wood by Sikkens. For years we have been using spray painting which ensures ideal and permanent layer of paint on the wood.

We also specialize in refurbishment of vintage windows and their adaptation i.e production of new windows in ISO technology with preservation of original style. We also produce box windows and dedicated to English market type sash (window sliding up).

Owing to introduction of the newest CNC (Unicontrol by Wenig company) technology we are able to accept orders for high quantity of windows.

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