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PVC windows

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PVC windows

As one of the leading representatives in the border region, we offer you plastic windows on the profile of the renowned VEKA company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC and aluminum window and door joinery in Europe, present on the market since 1997. The eco-friendly, energy-efficient windows and doors we offer are made of selected materials, using innovative technologies. The manufacturer’s high quality standards ensure that the windows that go into your homes are subjected to detailed tests in reputable testing units, where they obtain results that far exceed industry minimums and market standards. This guarantees their reliability and unique quality, which is further confirmed by repeatedly winning awards, including the emblem “Quality of the Year” and the distinction “Customer Laurel”

Our offer consists of almost all products of the VEKA system:

Additional accessories such as ventilation systems, blinds and security systems further enhance the functionality of our products. The widest 44-tone color palette on the market allows you to choose energy-efficient PVC windows that will blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of the interior and facade. Our offer is complemented by professional advice on the selection of customized products and energy-efficient installation performed by our own experienced teams.

VEKA Premium window system - available profiles

V90+ windows are a highly energy-efficient, top-quality new-generation product that meets all the requirements of modern architects and individual investors.
V70 Optimal Black
The V70 Optimal Black window combines unique design, attractive price, energy efficiency, and exceptional product durability.
VR70 windows are our flagship product in the DESIGN category. It represents the best choice for single-family homes or modern apartments.
VS70 windows will meet the expectations of customers who appreciate harmonious shapes in architecture. The highest quality profile, hardware, glazing and modern line.
VP70 windows are an excellent option for those looking for a product with the best possible price/quality ratio.
VE60 windows, thanks to the automation of production and the use of only white color, is a unique combination of modern technological solutions and attractive price.
MD system windows with straight sash.
Windows in the MD system with a half-sash.
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PVC windows

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