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About company

operating since 1986
since 1986

Carpentry Workshop Dobrucki

1. production of windows and doors and offices; 2. production of furniture; 3. production of stairs; 4. material preparation hall, gluing and other machinery.

For many years we have tried hard to make our products satisfactory to our customers and to make them compliant with the highest standards. Successful expansion to west European markets obliged us to introduce strict standards pertaining building carpentry long time before they have become applicable in Poland. Therefore, for many years we apply branded components (paints, hardware), which quality is certified.

We introduced ISO9001 quality management system, and in 2003 our municipality has granted us a Golden Oak award, for the most dynamically developing company. In 2011, we were awarded the "Golden Sail 2011" distinction by the Myślibórz County Prefect for implementing modern technologies, for the dynamic development of the company, and for the high quality of products.

what makes us unique

Company facts

Over the years, we have continuously developed our company, investing both in improving the skills of our employees and in the development of modern technologies. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and meet the highest quality standards.

  • we speak 3 languages (Polish, German, English)
  • a team of more than 60 associates
  • own transport fleet
  • experienced assembly teams
  • we assembled our products in every country of Western Europe
  • a family-owned, two-generation company
  • we specialize in restoration of antique wooden elements
  • wide range of production: windows, doors, stairs, furniture, interior design
  • computer design of stairs and furniture
  • we use CNC technology in the production of
  • We support environmental protection through the use of photovoltaics
  • we use components of renowned brands
  • we offer a no-obligation measurement at the customer's site with a price offer
family business

Our team

A certified master carpenter with more than 50 years of professional experience, he has been involved in carpentry all his working life. In 1986, he left his full-time job at a state-owned company to start his own business. The beginnings were humble, but with hard work he led the company to its current shape and reputation. Now retired, he has passed most of his responsibilities to the younger generation.
Kazimierz Dobrucki Company founder, senior leader
A wood technology engineer by training, he has been involved in the company's development since its inception. Currently, his domain, in addition to managing the company, is involvement in customer contact, on-site measurements, negotiations, etc. Privately, he is a travel and sports enthusiast (he has completed several marathons and half marathons, and enjoys winter sports).
Janusz Dobrucki Co-owner
Trained as an economist, he fueled the family business after graduation by bringing his vision and commitment. Largely responsible for customer measurements and customer contact. Supervises the implementation of deadlines and production planning. A fan of motorsports, for several years he realized himself as an amateur rally driver.
Leszek Dobrucki Co-owner
Of Dobrucka's family, a graduate in administrative management. He supervises an office of more than a dozen people. He makes sure that customers get answers to the inquiries sent to them, schedules trips of the assembly teams, and is the face of the company for everyone who visits. He loves traveling with his family and sports (runs regularly).
Joanna Woźnica Office administrator
Our expert in calculations and valuations, with experience of many years working among German-speaking clients. Careful and thorough. Privately, he enjoys DIY and spending time with his family.
Robert Burchot Calculation department